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HR Manual, Section 11

Completing the CSU Hourly Payroll Timesheet

The Hourly Timesheet pdf icon (see examples in this section) is used to record the dates, start and stop times, hours worked, and  funding account numbers. The hourly timesheet can be replaced by time clocks or other computerized time recording systems, if available. This form should be used by:

  • Hourly employees
  • Overtime-eligible State Classified employees who worked more than 40 hours in the established work week
  • Part-time State Classified employees who worked hours in excess of their designated FTE the previous month

Completing Identification Data

  1. Select employee group (Student Work Study, Student Non-Work Study, Non-Student Hourly, State Classified Hourly, State Classified Salaried).
  2. Enter 4-digit department number.
  3. Enter employee's name (last name, first name).
  4. Enter assignment number (employee # - xx).
  5. Enter the pay period end date (month, day, and year).
  6. Enter employee CSU ID number.

Recording Daily Time Worked

  1. All time recordings should be made in ink in accordance with instructions on the form.
  2. In the "time" columns, enter clock time when work started and stopped, i.e., 7:30, 10:15, etc., followed by an "A" for a.m., "P" for p.m., "N" for noon, or "M" for midnight.
    1. Breaks should be indicated for meals or other major breaks but not for authorized rest breaks.
    2. A new entry should be made after each meal or major break.
  3. At the bottom of the table total the hours column and the minutes column.  Convert minutes over 60 to hours and record total hours and minutes worked.

Recording Summary Data

  1. Convert total hours and minutes worked to the nearest hundredth of an hour (see Minute to Decimal Conversion Chart), and enter as straight time or excess/overtime as appropriate.  Multiply by authorized rate to get total and total gross pay.
  2. Enter the account number(s) to be charged, the appropriate earnings element (see table below), and the hours to the nearest hundredth.  More than one account number can be designated, but be sure that the total of the hours equals the total hours given above.
  3.  Obtain the indicated signatures and dates of signatures in the appropriates spaces.

Earnings Elements

  • Time Entry Wages - Non-Student Hourly, Student (Non-Work Study)
  • Generic Work Study - Students on any type of Work Study
  • Excess Regular Hours - Part-time State Classified
  • Overtime - Eligible State Classified


  • 1E - 1st Shift Weekend*
  • 1EO - 1st Shift Weekend Overtime*
  • 2S - 2nd Shift
  • 2E - 2nd Shift Weekend*
  • 2EO - 2nd Shift Weekend Overtime*
  • 2SO - 2nd Shift w/ Overtime
  • 3S - 3rd Shift
  • 3D - 3rd Shift Weekday*
  • 3DO - 3rd Shift Weekday Overtime*
  • 3SO - 3rd Shift w/ Overtime
  • 3E - 3rd Shift Weekend*
  • 3EO - 3rd Shift Weekend Overtime*

* Applicable to 'C' job classes only

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