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Nine-Month Employees

Faculty & Admin Professional


Double Benefit Deductions

Because 9-month employment does not guarantee employment during June and July, premiums for these two months are paid via "double deductions".

The premium payments that would normally be made for June and July are included in the deductions taken from the employee’s compensation in April and May. Thus, deductions taken in April and May are twice the normal amount and no premium payments are required for coverage during June and July.

Nine-Over-Twelve Pay

An academic faculty or administrative professional employee on a full-time nine-month appointment, which begins in August and ends in May, may elect to receive his or her pay in 12 installments. The arrangement is provided by the University.

When applying for the plan, the employee agrees to certain conditions as stated on the application form. The conditions should be studied carefully. 

Individuals are reminded that they can accomplish the same objective plus accrue interest by setting aside a portion of their pay in a personal savings account for nine months.  No interest is earned under the University plan.

New enrollment or cancellation of an existing contract must be completed by August 1.