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Pay Functions

Faculty/Professional/Post Doctoral Jacqueline Derrick
Fellowship Grant Trainees Elaine O'Riordan
Graduate Assistants Elaine O'Riordan
Hourly Employees Yodit Lulseged
State Classified Byron Brown
Clinical Psychology Intern, Veterinary Intern Jacqueline Derrick
Awards Yodit Lulseged
Supplemental Pay Jacqueline Derrick

General Functions

Direct Deposits HR Payroll
Verification of Employment HR Payroll
W2 and W4 Tax Forms HR Payroll

Other Functions

Management/Certification Reports Jacqueline Derrick
Moving Expenses/Vehicle Vivian Maxwell
PERA Refunds Elaine O'Riordan
Redistributions HR Payroll
Replacement Checks Vivian Maxwell

Payroll Deductions

403b Elaine O'Riordan
Adult Fitness Elaine O'Riordan
Athletic Tickets Jacqueline Derrick
Campus Recreation Elaine O'Riordan
Child Support/Garnishments Jacqueline Derrick
Colorado Combined Campaign Jacqueline Derrick
Colorado WINS Elaine O'Riordan
DCP (Fidelity, TIAA-CREF, Valic, Default) Elaine O'Riordan
Faculty/AP Health Insurance Jacqueline Derrick
Faculty/AP Life Insurance Jacqueline Derrick
Faculty Flex Reimbursement Plan Jacqueline Derrick
Faculty/Staff Fund Drive Elaine O'Riordan
Federal Insurances Jacqueline Derrick
Food Service Yodit Lulseged
Parking Permits Elaine O'Riordan
PERA Elaine O'Riordan
PERA 401K Elaine O'Riordan
PERA Term Life Insurance Elaine O'Riordan
Personal Accident Ins Jacqueline Derrick
Rent Deductions Yodit Lulseged
SERP Elaine O'Riordan
State Classified Insurances Byron Brown
State Deferred Comp 457 Elaine O'Riordan
Taxes Elaine O'Riordan
University Club Yodit Lulseged