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Summer Session Payment Guidelines

HR Liaisons



Graduate assistants must be paid according to the following minima:

  • Quarter-time (25% FTE or 10 hours/month): $705.50
  • Half-time (50% FTE or 20 hours/month): $1,411

No minimum is set for faculty or admin professional assignments.


Summer session appointment maxima are based on the number of weeks worked and the 9-month annual salary. To determine the maximum an employee may earn during his appointment, run the Personnel File Data - Summer Session report or use the multipliers provided below.




  1. Navigate to Processes and Reports > Submit Processes and Reports > Single Request.
  2. Compete the fields as shown on the right, substituting your department's name in the Organization field.
  3. Ensure the last parameter is set to "No".
  4. Cilck OK > Submit > No.
  5. Open the Find Requests screen and click Find.

Maxima by Multipliers
Weeks Multiplier
1 .02778
2 .05556
3 .08333
4 .11111
8 .22222
12 .33333
13 .33333



  1. Determine the length (in weeks) of the employee’s summer appointment and find the appropriate multiplier in the table on the right.
  2. Determine the employee’s full-time equivalent 9-month base salary.
  3. Salary x Multiplier = Summer Session Maximum

Monthly Amounts

Equal Monthly Payments
Month Multiplier
May 1/6
June 1/3
July 1/3
August 1/6

Summer session payments are disbursed at the department's discretion, as long as they fall within the above limits.

The numbers below are accurate for an employee appointed for the entire summer session.

Equal Monthly Payments

To pay summer earnings at a constant monthly rate, multiply the total appointment amount by the fractions on the right:

Payroll distribution may not exceed the appointment limits for weekly amounts. Overages may be distributed within months, but may not exceed the 12-week maxima

Appointment Changes

All changes to summer session appointments begin by zooming the summer session assignment to open the Assignment Changes form.

On-Time Changes ss-change

  • Increase/Decrease Amount - Change the Amount field of the appropriate earnings line (see image on right).
  • Delete Appointment - Mark the "Delete?" checkbox next to the appointment.

Retroactive Changes

A "retroactive" change is:

  1. A change made to an appointment after it has been paid (in part or in full).
  2. An appointment to be paid (in part or in full) in a month which Payroll has already processed.

The salary effects of a retroactive change will be seen in the first payroll period to process after the action has been fully approved. To request a special check, please contact the appropriate Payroll person for the employee's group.

  • Increase/Decrease Amount - Change the Amount field of the appropriate earnings line.
  • Cancel Amount - Change the Amount field to $0. Do not delete an appointment which has already been processed.