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Summer Session Funding

HR Liaisons


Last Year's Accounts

If last year's funding will not be used this year, end-date old funding on 30-Apr-2014 (or earlier).

This Year's Accounts

If an employee is appointed for any part of a summer month, funding must start the first day of the month, unless the assignment is new for this year. (May funding for a new assignment should start 16-May-14.)

When an employee's summer session appointment begins mid-month, funding must start the first of the month. Funding which starts mid-month causes a portion of the pay to be charged to the default account.

Next Year's Encumbrances

Leaving summer session funding open-ended will cause this year's May and June appointment amounts to be encumbered for next May and June.

To encumber the May and June amounts on different accounts than the ones used this year, end-date this summer's funding and enter the correct funding. Keep in mind that summer session months must be funded for the entire month.


Take note of a few points in the Labor Distribution screenshot below:

  • Although May appointments begin mid-month, May's funding begins on May 1.
  • May's payment is to be split between two accounts. Both accounts are active for the entire month.
  • No funding exists for June. This is OK if the employee has no June appointment. If a June appointment does exist for this example, the entire amount would be charged to the departmental default account.
  • The same account is used to fund July and August.
  • Although August 15 is the last day of summer session for all employees, the account remains active through Aug 31.
  • The 2012 May and June summer session amounts will encumber for May and June 2013, but on a different account than was used for 2012.


“13” Accounts

Please include Creator Comments when submitting summer session appointments funded by 13 accounts. Specify the employee’s summer duties:

  • Teaching (include course information)
  • Research, and/or
  • Administrative