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Employee Name Change

HR Liaisons

The following instructions apply to employees only. Students should contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.

Request Legal Name Change in HR System

  1. The employee will initate the name change in Employee Self-Service through AAR
  2. The employee must present the new Social Security card to you (the HR liaison) for verification.
  3. The HR liason will approve the update through workflow.

Request a New RamCard

A new RamCard will be provided at no cost, but your new name must appear in HR first (see above).

Request Change to eName

Because of many local and externally-hosted systems that depend on your eName as a long-lived unique identifier, your eName must remain the same for your entire stay at CSU and cannot be changed. Please choose an appropriate eID eName with this in mind.

Request Email Change

To change email alias:

  1. Go to the eID website and select Change First.Last Alias and follow the instructions.

Your new alias will become active approximately 15 minutes after the request and the previous first.last alias will remain active for 6 months.