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HR Liaisons

Human Resources Lists

Human Resources commonly uses listservs to send updates and reminders to users of the HR System. As a departmental HR liaison, you will likely find one or more of these lists beneficial.

Oracle HRMS Users

Audience: HR system users
Topics: Notifications related to payroll processing, changes in policies and procedures, system downtime, training sessions, benefit notification, payroll updates, data warehouse
Authors: HR Data Systems; also HR Payroll, HR Benefits, HR Records, Student Employment
To subscribe: Email a request to HR Data Systems

Oracle HRMS Leave

Audience: HR system users responsible for maintaining departmental leave records
Topics: Leave-related notifications, procedures, and policies
Authors: HR Data Systems, HR Records
To subscribe: Email a request to HR Data Systems

Other Campus Lists

Lists, Audience, Topics, Authors: Various
Reference: ACNS Mailing Lists

Lists: GenFac, AcadFac, AdminPro, StateClass, DeptSect, DDD