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Simple Search - Approvals

HR Liaisons

Simple Search allows you to search for any actions which were submitted by you.

Notifications are kept for 90 days. To obtain an approval report older than 90 days, please contact HR Data Systems.

  1. From the Navigator window, open CSU Approvals.
  2. Click Simple Search.

  3. Enter search criteria. For instance, in the Subject field, enter:
    • Part of the person's last name
    • Part of the employee group name to return all recent notifications for a certain employee group.

  4. Click Go.
  5. By default, notifications are sorted with the newest at the top. Locate the first notification for your employee in the list and click on the Subject to open it.
  6. The To field indicates to whom the notification is addressed.
    1. Informational notifications are addressed to the person who created/submitted the action.
    2. "Approval Required" notifications are addressed to the department whose response is required.
  7. The Sent field indicates when the notification arrived for the named person or department.
    1. Oracle provides no notification when an item arrives in a person's worklist, so the HR liaison and approving authorities are encouraged to check CSU Approvals frequently and to remain in communication with each other.
  8. The Fwd From field indicates the last person to act on the action. This is either the person who submitted it or the last person who approved it.
  9. The Approver field indicates the last department to respond to the action.
  10. The Created By field indicates who initiated the action.