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Personnel File Data Report

HR Liaisons

The Personnel File Data form summarizes employee assignment data and can be run at any time. This report may be helpful when documenting personnel actions submitted by your department through the approval process. Run this report after the action has been fully approved.

Retroactive Changes to Student Assignments

When making retroactive changes to student assignments, departments must print the Personnel File Data form, identify the retroactive changes made to the assignment on the form, provide comments as necessary, sign the form, and forward it to HR Payroll.

Assignment Change Exceptions

This form should also be used for making changes to any other employee type when an assignment change exists already on the same date. Obtain signatures from all required levels of approval and then forward to HR Records.

Navigator screen > Processes and Reports > Submit Processes and Reports > Single Request

  1. In the Name field, type “pers” and select Personnel File Data from the List of Values.
  2. In the Parameters box, enter employee data in one of the first three fields (Employee Name, Employee ID#, or Assignment Number).
    • When running this form, less information is more likely to produce correct results.
    • Note: If the employee has already been terminated, you will need to change the Active/Inactive field from “A” to “I”.
  3. Ensure that the Effective Date value is the same as or after the date of the most recent change.
  4. If you leave the first three fields blank, you may use the Organization and/or People Group fields to print a group of employees. The Organization fields are applicable only to departments to which other departments report.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. A Decision box appears. Click "Yes" to submit another request or "No" if you do not need to request another report.

Viewing Reports

Processes and Reports > View Requests

  1. Open Processes and Reports > View Requests.
  2. Click Find.
  3. Click Refresh Data until the Phase column is Completed.
  4. Click the View Output button to view, print, or save the report in Adobe Acrobat format.