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People by Assignment List

HR Liaisons

This list provides information in the following fields:

  • Full name
  • Status
  • Employee Number
  • Location
  • Assignment number
  • Person Type
  • Organization
  • Primary assignment
  • Job
  • Grade

Navigator screen > View > Lists > People by Assignment

  1. In the Organization field, type in part of your department’s name and press Tab. If you have access to Oracle at the College or Vice President level, you may either specify one department to query, or leave this field blank to query employees in your department plus all subordinate departments.
  2. Next are the Group, Grade, Payroll, Job, Position fields, and Status. Using the LOVs, you may specify criteria in all, some, or none of these fields.
  3. Click Find.
  4. When the list of employees displays, you may export this data to Excel by clicking File > Export.
    • If the list does not open, a security setting on your computer is probably preventing this action. Try holding down the Ctrl button before clicking File > Export and continue holding the Ctrl button until the report opens.