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Create a New Concurrent Assignment

HR Liaisons

If a person worked at CSU between January 1, 2003 and now, he will already have a record in the HR system. If the person fits any of the criteria below, you must create a new concurrent assigment to re-hire the person.

  • The person's existing assignments are terminated.
  • The person was (or is) an associate of CSU and has accepted a paid position with CSU.
  • The employee worked (or is working) in an employee group other than the one in which you want to hire him.
  • The employee will work concurrently in more than one department, at more than one pay rate, or in more than one employee group.
  • The student employee has a work-study award, but no existing work-study assignment.
  • The employee's pay basis is changing (ie, from hourly to salaried).


Before starting, please have the person's date of birth plus SSN or CSU ID available.

Navigator > CSU New Concurrent Asg/Re-Hire

  1. In the Effective Date field, enter the start date of the person's new assignment.
  2. Enter the person's SSN or CSU ID and press Tab.
    1. If you get a warning, "Person is not an employee", click OK, close the New Concurrent window, and begin the new hire process in CSU Maintain Person.
  3. Verify that you've located the correct person by checking his date of birth against the Date of Birth field.
  4. Enter the person's Employee Group in the next field.
  5. If the Payroll field populates automatically, leave that field as-is.
  6. If the Payroll field is still blank, please select the correct value (CSU Monthly for salaried employees; CSU Bi-weekly for hourly employees).
  7. Click Create Assignment.