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Monthly Certification Report

HR Liaisons

This report lists pay and percentage of effort attributable to the sponsored program (53) accounts and any cost-share accounts for the employee and the reporting period noted in the header. Please note that while only employees who are funded from qualifying accounts are reported, all of the employee’s funding is displayed.

The report also provides information about prior adjustments made during the report period. If such adjustments affect a prior fiscal quarter, a revised Quarterly Certification Report for that earlier period will be generated the following month and again five months later.

The report is intended to provide important project management information to the principal investigator (PI). Under federal regulations, the PI is responsible for reviewing the salary charges and effort recorded for each employee on his/her projects and ensuring that the information is correct. In the absence of the PI, an individual specifically designated by the PI who has first-hand knowledge of the work performed during the reporting period may be authorized to review the report. Any adjustments should be noted and promptly brought to the attention of the departmental HR liaison.

The Quarterly Certification Reports are an aggregation of the information on the monthly reports. The monthly reports should be used to verify and/or correct information in a timely manner to ensure more accurate Quarterly Certification Reports. Run the report for each month after payroll is completed.

  1. Your report may include employees outside your organization if they worked on projects whose account belongs to your organization. The report is driven by the owner of the account and is designed to be distributed to the PI in charge of the project/account.
  2. The report indicates the dollars charged to the account and the percentage of the total salary received by the employee for that month.
  3. An asterisk is displayed to the left of all qualifying accounts.
  4. If adjustments were made in the month through the Labor Redistribution system, these will be shown along with the month to which the distribution applies. If that is the same month as being reported, the dollar amount of the adjustment will be totaled into the 'Total' line at the bottom. Note: a negative sign will display to show an adjustment leaving the account, positive amounts represent additions to the account.

Navigator screen > Processes and Reports > Submit Processes and Reports > Single Request

  1. Enter “Fed” in the Name field and press Tab to select the Federal Fund Individual Certification report.
  2. In the Parameters box, select the correct Month for the report using the LOV.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. A Decision box appears. Click "Yes" to submit another request or "No" if you do not need to request another report.

Viewing Reports

Processes and Reports > View Requests

  1. Open Processes and Reports > View Requests.
  2. Click Find.
  3. Click Refresh Data until the Phase column is Completed.
  4. Click the View Output button to view, print, or save the report in Adobe Acrobat format.