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Management Reports

HR Liaisons

The management reports (the Account Summary and Employee Summary) show the payroll dollar effect of all employees for a given period of time and are run on the first day each month in VistaPlus.

The Account Summary reports all employees paid from any account owned by the department. The report lists expended prior and current month dollars, projected encumbrances, and totals for all employees for the fiscal year.

The Employee Summary reports all employees of the department. It is different from the Account Summary report in that it lists employees’ pay and encumbrances by month for the fiscal year. It also has columns to show roll-ins and roll-outs for roll-forward accounts.

An email notifies members of the HRMS_Users distribution list when the management reports for the month are complete and available in VistaPlus. To receive these messages, email HR IS.

Expense Distribution Report

The Expense Distribution report contains similar payroll information in a different format.