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Leave Without Pay

HR Liaisons

When approved by the department, an employee may be granted leave without pay for justifiable personal reasons. If approved by the department head, employees need not exhaust all accrued leave prior to requesting leave without pay unless the reason for the leave is covered by the provisions of the sick leave policy.

Generally, leave due to illness or injury requires all sick and annual leave be exhausted prior to the granting of leave without pay. However, exceptions may exist for absences qualifying under the State’s Short-term Disability Insurance Policy or under Workers’ Compensation. Check with the CSU Benefits Unit in these cases.

Probationary and trial service periods are extended by the number of days on unpaid leave.

For more, see Section 3 of the Human Resources Manual.


Navigator --> CSU Maintain Person --> Assignment Screen

You do not need to Date Track when making an assignment change, because you will input the effective date later, on the Assignment Changes form.

  1. Use the up- and down-arrows to find the assignment to be put on Leave without Pay.
  2. Place your cursor in any field on the Assignment screen (except the Working Hours field).
  3. Click the Zoom button on the toolbar.
  4. The CSU Assignment Changes form will open if the assignment is approved and there are no active workflows for that assignment in the system.
  5. Effective Date - Enter the first day on which the employee will not work.
  6. Status – Change to "Leave Without Pay (LWOP)"
  7. Change Reason – Required. Select the most appropriate value starting with "LWOP".
  8. Conditions of Appointment - if required by your department or division.
  9. Creator Comments – Required. Provide employee's:
    1. Expected return date
    2. Total LWOP hours for the month
    3. Total holiday hours lost for the month
  10. Click the Send into Approval Process button.
  11. You can print the form for your files by clicking File > Print before or after you submit the action for approval.


Revising Leave Without Pay

If the number of actual LWOP hours differs from the hours submitted on the original action, a second action needs to be submitted. Follow the instructions above, taking note of these items:

  1. Effective Date - Use the same effective date as on the original action, unless the start date has changed.
  2. Creator Comments - Note that this action is a revision to the original. Include the original hours and the revised hours.