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Labor Redistribution

HR Liaisons
Find Original Distribution Create Redistribution Print the PPDA Report Request Approval


A labor redistribution (past period distribution adjustment) allows earnings charged to one account to be moved to one or more different accounts.

A redistribution does not allow you to change the type of earnings (i.e., overtime to regular earnings). Instead, change the pay element.

Navigator screen > Labor Redistribution

Find the Original Distribution

  1. In the Find Distributions screen, enter the Employee Name field and press Tab.
    • If you are given a list of assignments, select the correct one.
  2. In the Begin and End Date fields, enter the pay period begin and end dates.
    • To redistribute more than one pay period at a time, you may enter the pay period begin date of the first pay period and the end date of the last pay period that you would like to work with.
  3. Tab to the Currency field. It will populate with USD.
  4. Click Find to open the Distribution Adjustments screen.

Create the Redistribution

  1. In the Actual Distributions block, select the lines that you would like to redistribute by checking the appropriate checkboxes in the Transfer column.
  2. Click Done.
  3. In the bottom right corner of the screen under Adjust By, you may choose to redistribute the money by percent or by amount.
  4. In the Adjusted Distributions section, one line for each line you checked in Step 5 will appear crediting to the account the amount that was originally charged, reversing the original distribution.
  5. On blank lines, enter the account(s) that should be charged and the amount that should be charged to each one.
    • To move only part of the original charge to a different account, enter the new account with the amount that should be charged to it. On the next line, enter the original account and the amount that should remain charged to it.
    • To redistribute charges to a subaccount, enter the account, a period, and the subaccount.
  6. When the Unaccounted Balance at the bottom of the screen is zero, click Freeze Set.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. When the Submit screen opens, enter a Batch Name in this format: [dept number] [your initials] [today's date] [identifier], where the identifier is a sequence number such as “01” or “02”. Each batch must have a unique name. Make a note of the batch name you entered.
  9. Leave the GL Override Date field blank.
  10. In the Comments field enter the reason why the redistribution is necessary.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Close the Find Distributions screen.

Print the Past Period Distribution Adjustment Report

  1. Open Processes and Reports > Submit Processes and Reports > Single Request.
  2. In the Name field, type “past” and press Tab. This will select the Past Period Distribution Adjustment report.
  3. In the Batch Name field, press ctrl-L (or click the LOV button) to open the list of values. Select your batch number from the list.
  4. Enter the Date Submitted field.
  5. Click OK and then Submit.
  6. When prompted, you may choose to run another report immediately, or you may return to the main menu and then open View Requests.
  7. When the report has completed, click View Output.

Request Approval for the Redistribution

  1. Print the Past Periods Distribution Adjustment report.
  2. Obtain the signatures as outlined by the instructions at the bottom of the form.
  3. Forward the original to 6004 HR Payroll.