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Labor Distribution

HR Liaisons

An employee’s Labor Distribution can be changed at any time in the HR system and does not go through the electronic approval process.

Changes must be made prior to the payroll processing date for these changes to apply to a given pay period. Refer to the payroll schedules pdf icon:

Note: If payroll for a given month has already run, you must move money between accounts by creating a Labor Redistribution.

Navigator screen > Labor Distribution

  1. Click the Flashlight button on the Toolbar. Search for the employee using either of the given fields. Click Find.
  2. In the lower half of the window, select the assignment to be edited.
  3. Click Schedule Lines. Here, you may:
    • End-date an existing account
    • Change the percentage of a salaried employee’s account by ending the current line and adding the same account on a new line with a different percent
    • Add a new account on a new line. Do not overwrite existing account numbers.

Use the Correct Start Date

  • New hire, new assignment – Use the start date of the assignment
  • New Summer Session assignment – Use the start date of the Summer Session assignment (16-May-20xx)
  • Reactivated Summer Session assignment – Use the first day of the month in which the appointment begins

Potential Error Message

Occasionally, an error message will prompt you to “refresh the matrix”. After closing the error message, click Refresh Display, then save your work.