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Expense Distribution Report

HR Liaisons

The Expense Distribution report is available after each hourly and salaried processing cycle, although it is primarily used for hourly payroll information. It shows all hours, salaried and hourly dollars, and fringe costs that are charged to an account for that pay period.

An email notifies members of the HRMS_Users distribution list when payroll processing is complete and provides the dates needed to run the report. To receive these messages, email HR IS.

Running the Expense Distribution Report

Navigator screen > Processes and Reports > Submit Processes and Reports > Single Request

  1. In the Name field, enter “Expense” and press Tab.
  2. In the Parameters screen, enter the Start Date and End Date according to the email described above. These dates are different from the pay period begin and end dates.
  3. Enter the Payroll for the request, either CSU Monthly Payroll or CSU Bi-weekly Payroll.
  4. If other departments report to your department, they will be included in the report. To limit the report, you may enter up to three organizations in the Organization fields.
  5. You can enter a Group if you would like to limit the report to a specific employee group (i.e. Faculty or State Classified). Leave this field blank to include all employee groups.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. A Decision box appears. Click "Yes" to submit another request or "No" if you do not need to request any additional reports.

Viewing Reports

Processes and Reports > View Requests

  1. Open Processes and Reports > View Requests.
  2. Click Find.
  3. Click Refresh Data until the Phase column is Completed.
    • The report may take a few hours to run when there are many requests pending. You may check back later – see instructions below.
  4. Click the View Output button to view, print, or save the report in Adobe Acrobat format.

Management Reports

The Account Summary and the Employee Summary contain similar payroll information in different formats.