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Change a Salary Basis

HR Liaisons

When a salaried employee changes from a 12-month to a 9-month appointment, or vice-versa, the change must be made on the first of the month.

The "Basis of Service" field cannot be edited on the Assignment Changes screen, so follow steps 7 and 9 carefully.


Navigator > CSU Maintain Person > Assignment Screen

You do not need to Date Track after opening CSU Maintain Person when making an assignment change because you will input your effective date later, on the Assignment Changes form.

  1. Use the up- and down-arrows to find the assignment.
  2. Place your cursor in any field on the Assignment screen (except the Working Hours field).
  3. Click the Zoom button on the toolbar.
  4. The CSU Assignment Changes form will open if the assignment is approved and there are no active workflows for that assignment in the system.
  5. Effective Date - the date on which the assignment the changes - must be the first day of the month.
  6. Appointment End Date – This field should be adjusted accordingly if reappointing the employee at the same time.
  7. New Salary – Enter the employee's new full-time equivalent salary for the new salary basis.
  8. Change Reason AF/AP/Other/GA/Change Salary Basis ([with/no] salary adj). Select this reason even if other changes are being made at the same time.
  9. Creator Comments
    • "CHANGE FROM 9 to 12 MONTHS" (please use all-caps!), or vice versa.
    • Employee's monthly salary.
  10. Click the Send into Approval Process button.
  11. You can print the Assignment Changes form for your files by clicking File > Print before or after you submit the action for approval.
  12. Send the signed certification form to HR Records, CD 6004.

Other Assignment Changes

Any of the following Assignment fields can be changed at the same time you make the salary basis change.

  • Location – The Location may be changed as necessary at any time.
  • Qualifier – Changes to the qualifier for Graduate Assistants (GTA, GRA, or GSA) must occur on the first of a month.
  • Job – Enter the new job code in the Job field. The job title and grade (if applicable) will fill in automatically.
  • Position – If necessary, a new position number may be entered here.
  • Employment Category – This field may be changed as necessary for Faculty and Admin Professionals.
  • Appointment End Date – This field should be adjusted accordingly when reappointing or terminating employees with an appointment end date. If terminating an employee, use this QuickHelp.
  • Status – This field is used when a faculty member becomes transitional or goes on sabbatical; or when an employee is suspended or reactivated, or begins or ends leave without pay.
  • Hours per Week – Use this field to change an employee’s FTE.
  • New Salary – Use this field if the employee’s salary is changing.