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CSU Approvals Custom View

HR Liaisons

Views allow you to specify which group of notifications you wish to view and in what order. The HR system provides several views for you. You may choose one of these or create one of your own to be the default view which opens automatically each time you open CSU Approvals.

Navigator > CSU Approvals

  1. Click Personalize near the top of the window.
  2. To edit a View, click the pencil icon in the Update column, or to create a View, click Create View. (The HR system does not permit you to edit the views it provides.)
  3. In the General Properties section:
    1. Enter or change View Name
    2. Choose the Number of Rows Displayed
    3. Check the Set as Default box if you want this view to display when you open CSU Approvals
    4. Enter a Description, if you wish
  4. In the Columns Shown and Column Order section, select field names in either box and use the Move and Remove buttons to place the fields you want to see in the Columns Displayed box.
    • Use the up and down buttons to the right of the Columns Displayed box to determine the column order from left to right.
  5. Under Sort Settings:
    1. Choose up to three sort columns
    2. Indicate whether you want each of these sorted in ascending or descending order
  6. Select one of these two options:
    • Search results where each must contain all values entered – this means that for a notification to be included in the search results, all of the criteria you enter must be met.
    • Search results where each may contain any value entered – this means that a notification will be included if it meets any one (or more) of the criteria you enter.
  7. Next, choose a field in which to enter criteria.
    • To search in a field that is not listed here, click in the Add column field and select the desired field. Then click Add. Repeat this for any other required fields.
  8. When the correct field is visible, click in the field next to the field name and select the appropriate option from the list that appears.
  9. Enter criteria in the next field to the right. After entering all desired criteria, click Go.
  10. Click Apply and View Results.