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Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

. Current Employees





To whom may I direct a payroll-related question?

Your departmental HR liaison should handle communication with the HR Payroll office.

Who can verify my employment at Colorado State University?

The Work Number

Employment Verification Process

Company Key: 14555

Commercial: 1-800-367-5690

Mortgage loans, auto finance, credit cards, job offer, apartment lease, etc.

Social Services: 1-800-660-3399

Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, subsidized housing, etc. (qualifying assistance agencies)



Pay Dates


When will I receive my first paycheck?

If the employee's approval in the HR/Payroll System is complete in time to be processed with the standard payroll and direct deposit information has been received, the first paycheck will be directly deposited to the employee's bank.

If there is a delay in the direct deposit information, a live check is issued and the department should coordinate with the new hire for delivery of the check.

When is pay day?


Direct Deposit


Is direct deposit optional?

Direct deposit is a condition of employment at Colorado State University, detailed in State Fiscal Rule 9-2, p.2 , requiring all employees to receive their pay via direct deposit to the bank or financial institution (located within the US) of their choice. Under limited circumstances, the HR Payroll Manager may authorize exemptions to mandatory direct deposit.

Verify your first deposit after submission of information before drawing against your account.  CSU cannot assume any fiscal liability for charges assessed against the employee due to erroneous bank account numbers, miscommunications, etc.

How do I change my direct deposit information?

Complete a new direct deposit form and return to your departmental HR liaison or mail to "HR Payroll, 6004 Campus Delivery".

Payroll must receive this form by the 10th of the month. If the form arrives on the 11th or later, we cannot guarantee that the updated information will be in place for the next direct deposit made for you.

Can I distribute my earnings among more than one direct deposit account?

No. Please check with your personal bank for assistance with moving funds between accounts at their bank or other banks.




How do I change my W-4 status or withholdings?

Click here to learn how you can update your W-4 online.

Can my Federal and State withholdings be different?

Yes. The W-4 form form allows the employees to document their federal withholding authorization.

If you work in Colorado and wish to request a state withholding different than the federal withholding, complete a second W-4 form . Clearly mark COLORADO at the top of the form and submit to HR Payroll.

If working in a state other than Colorado, please work with HR Payroll to determine if a separate state withholding form is required.

How are out-of-state employees taxed?

State taxes are withheld where work is performed. An employee working in a state other than Colorado must complete an Out-of-State Work Location form and return it to their departmental HR liaison along with the completed W-4 form. It is the employee’s responsibility to inform their department and HR Payroll of any changes in location and state where they are currently being taxed.

To whom may I direct tax-related questions?

First, please refer to Tax Information.


Nine-Month Employment


What's different about nine-month employment?

Aside from the shortened contract period, there are no differences for Graduate Assistants on nine-month assignments.

Faculty and Admin Professionals can refer to this page.