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HR Staff by Last Name



Unit Tags
Brittny Balside

(970) 491-0855
Benefits Benefits, Communication & Compliance
Rachel Barrett

(970) 491-5795
Employment - Hiring & Selection State Classified Job Structuring, Creating/Classifying Positions, FLSA, Recruitment Planning, Applicant Pools, Comparative Analysis, Interviewing, Training, State Classified TMS
Therese Boschman

(970) 491-3135
AP Classification/Compensation AP Classification/Compensation, FLSA, Position Description, AP TMS Reviews, Training
Amy Bruning

(970) 491-4976
Records Faculty/Administrative Professional/Post Doc Oracle Actions, Leave Records, Position Assignment
Jessie Craver

(970) 491-7628
Records Faculty/Administrative Professional Oracle Actions, Background Checks
Tommy Crews

(970) 491-6947
HR Service Center
Nick Cummings

(970) 491-2856
Data Systems HR IS, Data Systems, HR System, Data Request, Protected Data
Jacqueline Derrick Herl
(970) 491-0951
Payroll Administrative Professional/Faculty, Garnishments
Brenda Epstein
(970) 491-4973
Shevaun Festervand

(970) 491-5489
Hiring & Selection and AP Classification/Compensation Recruitment Planning, Applicant Pools, Comparative Analysis, Interviewing; AP Classification/Compensation and Position Description; TMS; FLSA; Training; State Classified/AP/Faculty/Research Assistant Position.Version #s, Leave, Records, Oracle Actions; Background Check Processing
Kevin Gorell

(970) 491-6738
Benefits Benefits, Study Privilege, Tuition Scholarship
Kathy Greiner

(970) 491-7973
Director's Office Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Human Capital
Karen Guy

(970) 491-0289
Data Systems HR IS, Data Systems, HR System, Data Request, Protected Data
Ashley Harvey

(970) 491-3505
Employment - Hiring & Selection Recruitment Planning, Applicant Pools, Comparative Analysis, Interviewing, Training, State Classified TMS
Tracy Hutton

(970) 491-0540
Director's Office Associate Director, Personnel and Policy
Laurel Janelle

(970) 491-4974
Payroll Grads
Karen Langston

(970) 491-7564
Payroll State Classified Payroll and Insurance
Yodit Lulseged

(970) 491-4969
Payroll Non-Student Hourly, Student Hourly, State Classified Hourly, Timesheet, Timecard, Awards
Vivian Maxwell

(970) 491-5852
Payroll Tax, W-2, Bank Issues
Jeff Milton

(970) 491-2554
HR Solutions Employee Relations, Performance Reviews, Grievance, Discipline, Training, FML, Behavior, Bullying, Hostile Workplace, Workers Compensation, Overtime, Compensatory Time, Policies, Corrective Action, Leave, Laws, Coaching, State Rules, Goals, Working Schedules/Shifts, Conflict Resolution
Melissa Morgan

(970) 491-0452
Records Manager
Annette Murdock-Tangye

(970) 491-0538
Director's Office Associate Director, State Classified Employment, Classification/Compensation, Records, Employee Relations, Background Checks
Joey Murphey

(970) 491-6875
Records State Classified, Position Description, Leave, Records, Reinstatement, Oracle Actions
Elaine O'Riordan

(970) 491-4972
Payroll PERA Refund, State Taxes, Out-of-State Work Location
Dixie Phillips
(970) 491-4968
Diana Prieto

(970) 491-MyHR (6947)
Director's Office Associate Vice President for Human Capital
Dylan Radford

(970) 491-1810
Background Checks
Jo Royal

(970) 491-7207
Records Graduate Assistant, Fellowship Grant Trainee, Non Student Hourly, Associates, Oracle Actions, Background Checks
Jim Smit

(970) 491-4924
Benefits Benefits, Retirement Plan Specialist
Stacie Smith

(970) 491-6947
HR Service Center
Teri Suhr

(970) 491-4975
Director's Office Chief Total Rewards Officer, Benefits, Payroll, HR Service Center
Jackie Swaro

(970) 491-0947
Benefits Benefits, FML, Disability
Bayram Turenov

(970) 491-0946
Benefits Benefits, Data and Accounting
Colby Whittmore
(970) 491-6947
HR Service Center