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Classification & Compensation

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State Classified Position Classification

Initiating a Review, Review Process

State Classified Exemption Changes

Recent legislation has provided Colorado institutions of higher education the ability to move certain State Classified positions out of the State Personnel system and into the CSU Administrative Professional (AP) category effective 1/1/13.

Job Evaluation

State of Colorado

Compensation Policy

Colorado State Univerity's compensation policy for State Classified employees

Compensation Plans

Minimum, Midpoint, Maximum


Performance Management Program

The state-mandated process intended to bring out employees' best efforts and direct them appropriately

Position Abolishment

Supplemental Pay

The use of supplemental pay requires prior authorization from the Director of Human Resources. Supplemental pay is a non-base building temporary form of payment in addition to base pay that may be used when:

  • An employee assumes the full set of duties of a higher-level position that is vacant or the incumbent is on extended leave for a period of one to six months (i.e., acting/interim appointment)
  • An employee is assigned to a long-term project that is not an expected or customary part of the employee’s regular assignment and is critical to the mission and operations of the University.

Supplemental pay may not be used:

  • As a substitute for a promotional or position classification review process.
  • To pay overtime-eligible employees in lieu of overtime.

Electronic Supplemental Pay Form available from the Provost's Office or through Information System's Electronic Forms.

Reference the HR Manual, Section 3

Overtime and Compensatory Time

HR Manual, Section 1