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Classification of Other Salaried Employees

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  • Chapter 6 - Graduate Assistants, Pre Doctoral Fellowship Grant Trainees
  • Chapter 7 - Post Doctoral Fellows, Post Doctoral Fellowship Grant Trainees, Veterinary Residents, Veterinary Interns and Clinical Psychology Internsn

Job Titles

Supplemental Pay

Supplemental Pay is administered by the Office of the Provost.


Refer to the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual for:

  • Definition of Supplemental Pay
  • Permissible Activities
  • Non-Permissible Activities


Forms, including the following, are posted on the Provost's website:

  • Supplemental Pay Authorization
  • Honors Thesis Advisors' Supplemental Pay Process
  • CSFS Supplemental Pay

Overtime, Compensatory Time, FLSA

Other Salaried employees are not eligible for overtime or compensatory time, nor are they covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act because there is not an employer-employee relationship. They are engaged in activities in the course of obtaining advanced degrees, and therefore, there is no application of the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions of the FLSA.

Unpaid Time Off