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Classification & Compensation

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Classification of
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Overtime &
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Classification of University Employees

AP Classification Overview

Administrative Professional Framework


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Pay Increases

Annual Merit Exercise (SALX)

Office of Budgets

Out-of-Cycle Pay Increase

Anytime that an employee’s salary increases (except in cases where someone is assuming a brand new position), a "Salary Adjustment Outside the Annual Merit Cycle" form is required to be approved through the provost’s office. Even if the unit does not report to the Provost Office, the Individual Salary Adjustment form still needs to be reviewed by their committee.

Supplemental Pay

Supplemental Pay is administered by the Office of the Provost.


Refer to the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual for:

  • Definition of Supplemental Pay
  • Permissible Activities
  • Non-Permissible Activities


Forms, including the following, are posted on the Provost's website:

  • Supplemental Pay Authorization
  • Honors Thesis Advisors' Supplemental Pay Process
  • CSFS Supplemental Pay

Overtime and FLSA

Academic faculty are exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Do not record daily work hours for faculty and admin professionals exempted from the overtime provisions of FLSA. Departments have an obligation, however, to ensure that the job requirements and work schedules, if applicable, are met.

Unpaid Time Off


The "suspend assignment" status may be used for temporary employees who work only one semester per year. Suspending an assignment prevents the employee from receiving pay while not teaching, and makes it easier to reappoint them for the semeseters that will be worked.

Leave Without Pay

If leave must be taken when a regular or special employee has no accrued leave to use, they are required to take leave without pay (LWOP) which must be preapproved on the Request for Leave Without Pay form through the Provost’s Office (view the approval flowchartpdf icon).

The LWOP request form is not required if the person is going on leave due to a Family Medical Leave-related reason.