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Short-Term Disability Leave

State Classified

State of Colorado

Short term disability coverage is provided to benefits eligible employees under the State of Colorado group policy.  If you qualify under the terms of the group policy, you are entitled to benefits once you serve the benefit waiting period (the greater of 30 days of disability or the entire period for which you are entitled to receive injury leave, sick leave and any period during which you receive annual leave). 

Your maximum benefit period is 180 days minus the number of days of your benefit waiting period (disability benefits will not be paid for more than 150 days of disability during any 12 month period).  Your short term disability benefit is computed at 60% of your basic weekly earnings subject to a weekly maximum benefit.  For specific short term disability plan rules, refer to the Certificate of Insurance pdf icon


The Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) provides a two-tiered disability benefit.   PERA Short Term Disability and Disability Retirement are provided to vested PERA members with five or more years of service.  Contact PERA to request a Disability Program brochure pdf icon, which will highlight the maximum benefit period, disability calculation method, minimum/maximum payments and include the definition(s) of disability for each program.