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Loans and Hardship Withdrawals

...All Employees

Retirement Manager

Requesting a loan from your 403(b) or DCP account(s) is completed through the online Retirement Manager portal. This software helps ensure that Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations relating to eligibility, limits and coordination among vendors are adhered to.

The Quick Reference Guide contains instructions for logging into the system and generating an “Eligibility Certificate” which you will provide to your vendor(s) to effect the loan or hardship withdrawal.

Although Retirement Manager is developed and maintained by VALIC, all three vendors provide data on a regular basis to the system. While each vendor may request specific documentation of the need for a loan/hardship withdrawal as required by the IRS, the “Eligibility Certificate” is their assurance of your eligibility.



Employees may request a loan or hardship withdraw from their 403(b) account(s) with:

  • Fidelity




Defined Contribution Plan (DCP)

An employee may request a loan through Retirement Manager from their DCP account(s) with*:


  • TIAA

Borrowing or withdrawing money from your DCP account may have income tax and other consequences. In addition, the ability to borrow or withdraw, and the limits thereon, may change as tax laws and regulations change. Contact your investment company directly for more information about their loan provisions. You are encouraged to seek independent tax advice with respect to the relationship and application of all matters under the DCP to their individual tax circumstances.

*DCP loans are not available from Fidelity