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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

...Become familiar with what ESS can do for you!



Employee Self-Service is an innovative resource designed to provide you with the ability to receive high quality service at any time of the day or night!

This web-based resource provides access to certain aspects of your employment information – all while supporting CSU’s Go Green sustainability initiative!

ESS is accessed via the Administrative Applications and Resources (AAR) portal.You can securely access AAR off-campus by logging into and clicking the AAR link. If you have issues logging in, click here for assistance.

A list of the available features in ESS are highlighted below. Available options will vary based upon your appointment type and benefits eligibility, if applicable. Many features allow you to update, while others are provided as informational view only. 





  • Address and telephone number
  • Insurance dependents and beneficiaries for Faculty, Administrative Professionals and non-classified staff
  • (State Classified employees initaite insurance changes through the State's online benefit system BenefitSolver)

  • Demographic information (marital status)
  • Mid-year qualifying event benefit changes for Faculty, Administrative Professionals and non-classified staff
  • Name changes with proper official documentation (approved in workflow by department)
  • W-4 tax withholding

View Only

  • Demographic information (date of birth)
  • Direct deposit details
  • W-2 Form
  • Job profile and earnings history
  • Pay advices
  • Disability status, veteran status, and race/ethnicity self-identification


To log in to ESS, use Internet Explorer to go to, select the HR System link, and then click on CSU Employee Self-Service. The menu will then expand for you to review and choose the activity you wish to perform. 



Instructional Navigation for ESS (step by step guidance):


Personal Information Menu Option

You may conveniently initiate updates in ESS for the following options


CSU Benefits Menu Option

Provide official documentation to Human Resources to initiate a mid-year insurance change for Faculty, Administrative Professionals and non-classified staff –


W-4 Tax Form Menu Option


Confirmation Statement


Need assistance? Contact Human Resources at (970) 491-MyHR (6947) or