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Caesar Chavez Day Holiday

Cesar Chavez

During the 2001 session, the State Legislature established a new holiday for state employees to recognize the March 31st birthday of Hispanic leader Cesar Chavez. Unlike other state holidays which are observed by the closure of state facilities and a day of paid leave for employees, the legislature chose to recognize this day without those stipulations. Rather, employees wishing to observe this holiday may exchange a paid holiday in the existing fiscal year's schedule for Cesar Chavez Day if approved by the employing department, college or university. However, all State facilities are to remain open and normal services are to be available on this day. The provisions of this legislation apply to all faculty, non-classified and classified staff eligible for paid holidays.

In reviewing requests for exchanging holidays, supervisors should ensure that such exchange is consistent with the employee's assignment, unit supervisory and/or security requirements since the unit may not be staffed on the exchanged scheduled University holiday, academic and administrative staffing needs on Cesar Chavez Day, etc. In cases where it is not feasible for departments to approve a holiday exchange request, employees may request either annual leave or leave without pay, as appropriate, to cover the time off to observe Cesar Chavez Day.

Departments are encouraged to approve holiday exchange requests whenever possible given reasonable organizational considerations and recognizing that academic and administrative functions will be following normal schedules on that day. 10202017