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Health & Wellness

.Faculty & Administrative Professionals and Other Eligible Non-Classified Staff


FITlife Health & Financial Wellness


FITlife is part of a total integrated and comprehensive wellness program sponsored by Human Resources. The program is designed to help you find a healthy lifestyle balance and reward you for completing certain wellness activities.

Employees enrolled in an Anthem medical plan can earn a wellness incentive upon completion certain activities.




Employees enrolled in a CSU Anthem plan who complete the following wellness activities by December 31, 2018 may be eligible to earn a $150 incentive (taxable) in 2019. Click here for additional information.

  1. CHECK-IN with a retirement counselor and complete this form by February 28, 2019

  2. PARTICIPATE in the CSU Health Fair to obtain biometrics + lipid/glucose panel

  3. ENROLL in Anthem's Healthy Lifestyles

  4. COMPLETE the Anthem Well-Being Assessment


  Anthem Healthy Lifestyles

Your University medical plan enrollment accompanies Anthem Healthy Lifestyles - an online health and fitness motivation program that includes nutrition trackers, activities, and preventive care information.

Staying well and being healthy is something we all want. Often between work, family commitments and errands, it can seem like you’re always on the go. With your long to-do list always growing longer, it’s no surprise that staying healthy doesn’t always make it to the top. But your health is important – to you and to us. That’s why CSU is providing you with the Healthy Lifestyles program. With access to plenty of online tools, trackers and resources – all at no cost to you – Healthy Lifestyles makes focusing on your well-being easier and more convenient than ever!

Access the Healthy Lifestyles online system by visiting and login using your Anthem user ID and password. Select the "Health & Wellness" tab and click "Get Started".


National Pre-Diabetes Prevention Program


This on-campus program is free for eligible employees enrolled in a CSU Anthem plan who meet certain health risk factors. The program can help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes and focuses on improvements in diet, physical activity and weight loss. To find out if you’re at risk and to learn more about the program, visit the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center’s website.