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Health Savings Account (HSA)

...Faculty, Administrative Professionals, and Other Eligible Non-Classified Staff


  Fidelity Investments


If you enroll in the Ram Plan - HDHP, you are eligible to participate in the Health Savings Account (HSA) administered by Fidelity Investments. An HSA is designed to help you save for healthcare expenses such as deductible or co-insurance, for medical, dental, and vision, when you are enrolled in CSU’s Ram Plan-HDHP. The HSA also helps you to pay for these expenses on a pre-tax basis, saving you federal and often state taxes.


Note: You may not enroll in an HSA with the Green, Gold or POS plans as they do not meet specified regulatory requirements for a high deductible health plan.

An HSA offers triple-tax savings to save on money now and in the future, by allowing to you to save as much as you can now up to IRS maximums and also reap the rewards of a nice nest egg at retirement, if you do not spend your account balance.

You never lose funds in an HSA, as it rolls over from year to year. Also, the IRS prohibits an individual from participating in an health savings account and a health care flexible spending account, this includes an FSA for your spouse.


CSU Contribution


To help you build your account quickly, you will automatically receive a $500 CSU contribution to your Fidelity HSA account, if you elect the Ram Plan-HDHP in calendar year 2018.

For 2018, the maximum annual amount that can be contributed to an HSA is $3,450 for an individual or $6,900 for family (reduced by the $500 employer contribution) HDHP coverage, which is employee + 1 or family coverage at CSU. There is an additional $1,000 catch-contribution allowed for those who are age 55 or older.

You are allowed to change your contribution throughout the year, if you wish. While CSU is required to report HSA contributions on your W-2, it is your responsibility as the individual account owner to not exceed the IRS allowed maximums.


Educational Resources




Obtaining an HSA (Spring 2015)


In the spirit of shared governance, Human Resources requested the opinion of our employees through written feedback and survey results to determine if a recommendation should be made to the Administration to proceed in the direction of pursuing an HDHP/HSA medical plan offering in 2016.

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